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      ediv0talit=mblogsplateheading">< ediv0talit=mblogimgleft"n ediv0talit=mblogimgrgt">< eh40talit=mnewsfalih-earchediv3l>=cheThe;Fisal Fra nierc e=h4> Someisucc/ed becaurs-()ey are desn="ee to; b0, mott succ/ed becaurs-()ey are determ="ee to. Ultimately, all depends how determ=.."ep0talit=mmdre">"10nk rel.reso =ccs-school- "eee
    • ediv0talit=mblogsplateheading">< ediv0talit=mblogimgleft"n ediv0talit=mblogimgrgt">< eh40talit=mnewsfalih-earchediv3l>=cheManage Time and Reduci Stressc e=h4> Remembyr ()e;saying ‘manage ya =;time, m/iit will manage ya ’? It0is ngv'r;motl 'sh than during exh ;time. How well ya manag.."ep0talit=mmdre">"10nk rel.reso =ccs-school-
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    • ediv0talit=mblogsplateheading">< ediv0talit=mblogimgleft"n ediv0talit=mblogimgrgt">< eh40talit=mnewsfalih-earchediv3l>=cheWhat’s ya =;lt=oning ss" /? (e<=h4> A stud'; processeo } homurste and lt=ono } giffere; wayo. Thetl are tnk e majm/ist" /s of lt=oning: Audihtty, Vfsual0&emid Tac.."ep0talit=mmdre">"10nk rel.reso =ccs-school-
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    • ediv0talit=mblogsplateheading">< ediv0talit=mblogimgleft"n ediv0talit=mblogimgrgt">< eh40talit=mnewsfalih-earchediv3l>=cheSleep to Beat Exh ;Stressc e=h4> Sleep giv/s o =;bodico ()e;physlcal and ehe me; tl restiit n/edo. Whe} ya don’t get enoughesleep, ya =;ta ce trarste and effect.."ep0talit=mmdre">"10nk rel.reso =ccs-school-
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    • ediv0talit=mblogsplateheading">< ediv0talit=mblogimgleft"n ediv0talit=mblogimgrgt">< eh40talit=mnewsfalih-earchediv3l>=cheLis})n to Music and Religv' Stressc e=h4> Did ya ktow ya can reduci ya =;exh ;stress simply by listening to music? Thetl are tests which torretemp that music ttimulateo (.."ep0talit=mmdre">"10nk rel.reso =ccs-school-
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