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Mahesh Tutorial Corporate Staff along with Teaching staff treated students of Class 9 to an inside view of MT Educare, the parent company, of the famous coaching class. Each department of the company explained their work to the students and how it contributes to the functioning of the company. Each department showcased their work with the help of illustrations and power point presentations. The aim of this interaction was to demonstrate how each department works and the responsibilities and functions of various levels of hierarchy in any company. The students interacted with various departments enthusiastically and left the office with a lot of valuable information.

The overall intent of the exercise was to help students understand how various professions and hierarchies work in a corporate environment. These are professions students have read about in their books and heard about in various conversations. Seeing the professional at work and understanding his role in an organization will help the students choose a career he or she wants wisely.

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Class X CBSE results are out and our topper Sneha Gondukupi has scored 98.80%. 154 of our students have scored a perfect 10 CGPA. Our subject highest scores are Maths – 100/100, SST – 100/100, Science – 99/100, Hindi – 99/100. Congratulations to all our students who cleared CBSE X. We are proud of you all.

Students of Std. 10 Board Examinations (CBSE, ICSE and Maharashtra State Board) can now call ‘Hum Se Puccho’, a 24 x 7 helpline intended to aid students with last minute queries.

Maharashtra State Board students of English, Marathi, Hindi, and Urdu mediums can avail this service. This initiative started in 2006, by Global Education Trust undertaken with knowledge partner MT Educare, has helped students who are stressed and aims to interact with them and reduce their stress, ultimately encouraging them to score well.A team of dedicated teachers is on stand-by to answer calls from over-anxious, nervous students and parents. Know More.

CBSE Schools will have to use NCERT textbooks from the 2017-18 academic session. The move to make National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) study materials mandatory for all Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) schools across the country is expected to standardise the curriculum across schools in the country.

The decision was taken at a review meeting chaired by Union minister for human resource development Prakash Javadekar.


From the next academic year, students appearing for the CBSE class X exam will have to study the complete syllabus and score 33% in both theory and internal assessment to pass. The CBSE, on Tuesday, issued the remodeled assessment structure for the board exams.

In December last year, the CBSE announced its decision to make board exams mandatory, taking away the option of school-based exams. "Consequent upon the decision...the dual scheme of examination for class X shall stand discontinued for students from the academic year 2017-18," said a circular issued by the board. According to the new structure, the board exams will carry 80 marks and internal assessment 20 marks. In the current format, the weightage is 60:40. Students will be tested for the complete syllabus in the theory papers. "Even college students appear for exams in the semester format, so why not give the choice to schools? Students were used to studying for half the syllabus and this will be additional burden now," said a principal. Students are now required to score 23% marks in the board exams.

For internal assessment, schools will have to conduct three periodic written tests in each subject, instead of the four formative assessments, and the average of the best two tests would be taken for final marks submission.

In addition to the tests, five marks each will be designated to notebook submission and subject enrichment activities that could include tests like reading and listening, lab activities and practical work, and projects. "Students are used to the no-detention and tend to take exams lightly. The new format could change that and students will prepare better for the board exams ," said Kalpana Dwivedi, principal, St Joseph High School, Panvel.

The board has included discipline as a grade subject and students will also be marked on attendance, sincerity, behaviour and values along with other co-scholastic subjects like work education, art and health and physical education. The structured will have to be replicated for classes VI to IX.


Our students have qualified for the next round of the NSE examinations. A total of 32 of our students have been selected - 8 students in Physics, 12 in Chemistry, 2 in Biology and 10 in Astronomy. The National Standard Examinations is the first stage of selection in the journey to International Olympiads.

MT School, keeping with tradition has produced toppers again in 2016.243 students scoring 10/10 CGPA in CBSE 2016 exams


In a surprising move, the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) has scrapped the Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) mid-year. These tests were introduced in 2013 for students of standards 9th to 11th to test them on their problem solving ability. However, schools were not happy with these tests as they brought down students' scores.

The board conducted one PSA in four subjects-the first language, science, math & social studies. For Std. 9, the PSAs are held in January. For Std. 10, these scores accounted for 10% of students' subject marks. Std. 11 students were issued separate certificates for this test. 

Schools received an email informing them about the Board's decision on Friday evening. "Board has decided to do away with the conduct of PSA from the session 2015-16," said the circular sent to the schools by K K Choudhary, controller of examinations. In place of the PSAs the Board has advised the schools to to conduct formative assessments for Std. 10 students who couldn't give the test in the previous year or would like to improve their scores.

Rakesh Joshi, Principal, Apeejay School, Nerul said, "It is good news that the assessment has been scrapped because children were facing a lot of stress over this module." Students found the PSAs tough because of the lack of a defined syllabus to study from. "I am glad that the assessment has been scrapped. I had a hard time preparing for it," said Sejal Mishra, a CBSE student from Navi Mumbai.

Some school principals, however, feel that the assessment could have been reworked and not scrapped completely. Says Anvita Bir, Principal, RN Podar School, "The assessments were a problem in the first year that they were introduced in, especially in Social Studies. Students' grades fell that time, but schools gradually realized the kind of skills they needed to impart in order to train the students for the PSAs." She also states that the assessment was a progressive one and should not have been scrapped.


Source: Hindustan Times and The Times of India (November 1st, 2015 Issue)

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