A week before your exam is the most stressful period. This is the time to identify your Exam Challenge. The most important aspect of an Exam is to set a Goal for oneself. Write down a percentage that you want, in bold on a chart paper and place it in front of your Study desk. This will remind you of your challenge daily.

Compare the exam situation to a real life challenging situation in your life. To tackle this challenging situation, one has to indulge in micro-planning. Identify your Strengths (subjects that you are good at) and your weaknesses (subjects that are difficult to handle). Accordingly plan and schedule your last week as per your needs. Map your current position and plan to achieve your target. One more element of planning involves the management of the physical changes that occur in a challenging situation. Deep breathing will definitely help you to handle the stress during an exam.

There might be a situation before or during the exam when you might get stressed mentally or physically. Practice the breathing exercises that you know and calm yourself. Then, begin afresh and continue to do your work. Tough and challenging situations definitely bring out the best in you. Hence, daily, before you start your studies, tell yourself that “Day by Day you are getting Better and Better.” This will definitely make you be more positive about yourself and increase your confidence in overcoming this challenging situation in a better way. Also, don’t shy away from asking for help from experts or your family or your friends. Share your inner feelings with them and they will definitely guide you to take right step towards your success.

Just be relaxed during your exam time and plan your one week to Perfection.

Plan perfect and Perform Well! All the best students!

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