Special Features

  • Faculty

    The teachers at Mahesh Tutorials undergo an intensive training program and knowledge sessions to ensure that they are abreast of the latest alterations in the syllabus and teaching techniques. With over 25 years of achieving outstanding results at the board exams, Mahesh Tutorials has the best faculty with a proven track record.

  • Comprehensive Study Material

    Comprehensive and well researched study material, relevant for the examination is given to all students to complement their class room coaching. A team of experts compiles content so that no other book is required for reference. The content is designed in a very simple and lucid way. In addition, there is an exhaustive section of multiple choice questions per chapter with detailed answer keys.

  • Robomate+

    Mahesh Tutorials School understands that experiential learning helps in making complex concepts easily comprehensible. Hence, a new dimension is lent to the classroom experience by using audio-visual technology to create graphics, animation and footage across topics, so students can retain terminologies easily. The unique feature of TAT is that teachers have developed this teaching aid themselves, which helps them teach better.

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  • Test Series

    Question papers are set in accordance with the board examination pattern and marks distribution. Emphasis is laid on solving test papers, so that students get ample practice. The grading system is also based on the Boards format. Model answer papers with marking schemes are also provided to students immediately after writing a test, to help them understand how to optimize scores in the exams.

  • Mock Boards

    Mock Boards are conducted for Std 10 to provide students with an experience of the Final Examination with Exam Centres, Hall Tickets and relevant stationery.

  • Extensive Revision Sessions

    In addition to the regular sessions, extensive revision sessions are conducted before the term examination to help the child prepare for the same and also help to solve their doubts

  • Parent and Student Counselling

    The success of a child at this level depends mainly on finding a balanced equation between the institute, self study and family. To facilitate this, it becomes important to have communication between the parents and the institute so that the parents are aware of the student's requirements. This counselling acts as a stress-buster for them.

  • Parenting Seminar

    Mahesh Tutorials organizes parenting seminars to address the psychological needs of the students and to support them during this important phase of their lives. A team of experts advise parents on how to support their child in this phase and how to motivate them to perform to their potential.

  • Hum Se Puchho

    A 24-hour helpline is open for all students to assist them with last-minute academic difficulties during examination. The helpline is manned by qualified teachers to help students through their moments of anxiety.

  • Ambience

    Mahesh Tutorials has provided well-designed air-conditioned classrooms with back-up generators to provide a comfortable learning environment at all times.

  • Information and Communication Technology System

    The Learning Management System generates information on exam scores, performance analysis and attendance records that are communicated to parents.

  • AFAE

    Traditionally at Mahesh Tutorials, top scorers are felicitated with the Award for Academic Excellence (AFAE). A grand award function is hosted with delightful fanfare, to celebrate an incredible year-long effort and to honour the students' achievements at the Board Examinations.To view AFAE 2017 Images please click here

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  • The excellent faculty, thorough planning, regular practice and wanting to hit the bull's eye has made me achieve this success.

    Samisha Khade
    Maths 150/150

  • With Mahesh Tutorials' audio visual teaching methods, our learning experience was different and far better than ever. These presentations made the most difficult concepts very easy to understand.

    Sanika Narkar
    Science 99/100

  • Thanks to Mahesh Tutorials extensive test series, as well as the guidance from their caring teachers, I was able to reach my goal of excelling in the exams

    Simran Bajaj
    Social Science 100/100


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