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Now moving on to the second type of decomposition reaction that is decomposition reaction due to light. For this we are going to take a China Dish in which we have a yellow colored substance which is AgBr also Silver Bromide. And let us see what happens when you keep that silver bromide exposed to sunlight? There is formation of vapor along with change of color from yellow to gray, formation of gray colored substance.

Quickly, do you know why this example has been given? Do we have to use the formulas from the last example?

No sir. We have to this equation.


Yes fine. Sir the object is falling freely. We have to calculate the time from A to B.

Students, we learnt that blood is a fluid connective tissue. And we also saw that a pumping organ is needed to push the blood across the body. And this pumping organ is nothing but the most important organ of the body which is the heart. Now heart is the involuntary pump, which means it functions without our will. Yes my dear students, heart is an organ of our body which works 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, it keeps on beating.